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Control4 Certified Showroom

Huron | AVI - Now at this year's BIA Parade of Homes

  • BIA Parade of Homes
  • Home Control | Home Automation | Smart Home

Huron AVI is proud to be a part of this year's BIA - Parade of Homes in Huron, Ohio. We will be leveraging the latest in technologies from Control4, Alarm, Martin Logan, Anthem, Episode and many more.

We will be providing educational sessions intened to inform homeowners, architects, and designers about home automation and smart homes in an environment highlight the right solutions for different needs and lifestyle.

What's new in 2019 is the highlighting of "New Urbanism" as the model for community development. Evans Farm expresses it this way... “Evans Farm is Ohio’s only community designed around the principles of new urbanism, where shops, restaurants, parks, residential houses, and more are all within walking or biking distance of each other—so you can spend less time in rush hour and more time at happy hour.”

Huron AVI has installed a home theater that is synchronized with the home lighting system to create an oasis of music and color. The bar is also backlit with lighting elements that can be synchronized with the music or set to a color theme that works for you. Our education classes will inform and provide insight and information. So stop in and be dazzled and delighted with a new way to present technology - and a new way to design a home town.

New Urbanism and New Technology only at this years BIA Parade of Homes.

Ayre Amplifiers

AYRE added to our electronics lineup

  • AYRE electronics
  • Audio Video | Home Stereo

AYRE Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award-winning audio and video equipment since 1993. Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry, and its full line of audio and video components sets new standars in innovation, design, and performance.

Ayre products are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. Each component is carefully hand-assembled on-site by a dedicated technician, using only state-of-the-art materials and assembly techniques. Quality control is assured by a rigorous testing procedure, as well as a thorough inspection process. Ayre's services and support is unsurpassed.

They offer a superb lineup of electronics: preamplifiers, amplifiers, DAC's and headphones. At a personal level, this is one of the few solid-state amplifiers that can be considered in the same company as tube equipment. Many solid state manufacturers make the comparison with the liquidity of tubes, but AYRE is a rare breed, and in some important ways, makes the comparison to tube equipment unecessary. They are just the most musical amplifiers, whether they be solid state or tube. Give them a listen and rediscover your music collection.


MARTIN LOGAN speakers added to our lineup

  • speakers, subwoofers and center-channel speakers, headphones
  • Home Stereo | Home Audio | Home Theater

Martin Logan has a rich and storied tradition as a manufacturer and innovator of electrostatic speakers.

For electrostatic speaker fans, the Martin Logan has been a long established leader in design and sound quality. The Martin Logan brand has continued to year after year, create products at different price ranges that define their category.

From a personal standpoint, there are few speakers on earth that match the Martin Logan sound presentation of open, airy and spacious sound. Couple these speakers with our AYRE brand, and you have a sound sytem that is truly reference level, and that few others will match.


ALARM.com added to our security lineup

  • Alarm.com security for home or business
  • Residential & Commercial Security | Smart Home

Alarm.com is the leader in Smart Home Security, giving you solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home or business.

Alarm.com is trusted by over 5 million people to protect their homes and businesses. They are A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More than a smart app or a cool thermostat, Alarm.com seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform — so they work together and work smarter.

Each system is easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your needs. Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more — for seamless automation and control.